Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Small Collective Haul (OPI, Clinique, Lauren Conrad, Avene, Essence, H&M)

I've been meaning to do this haul post for 2 weeks but I'm finally doing it now. I've been collecting these stuff since the last week of October, some of them from Ebay, Amazon, Sephora and drugstore.

Lauren Conrad Beauty book
In October I pre-ordered from Amazon Lauren Conrad's new book, Beauty. I really wanted this book since August when I found out that it's going to be released. I have to say that it's a very good beauty book, it covers all the basics about skin, hair and make up. All the looks are so simple, that's what I love the most, with very good instructions. I wish I had this book when I was a teenager, I'd make less mistakes for sure.

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion
I decided to experiment a little with my skincare routine, since my skin is reacting a little weird for the past 2 months, I wanted to get a new cleanser for removing my make up and for those times when my skin is very dehydrated and itchy. I read a couple of reviews and this one from Avene is suggested for the most sensitive skintypes. It's like a gel type of milk cleanser, very liquidy, I massage it on my skin and I remove it with a cotton pad, then I rinse my face with some water. It really helps for my irritations, it removes my make up really well, but I have to test it out for a longer time to see if it breaks me out since I'm acne prone.

Clinique Even Better Foundation
I had to get a new bottle of my HG liquid foundation, Clinique Even Better, since I run out as I showed you in my empties post. I've already told you how much I love this foundation in previous posts, so I won't be bothering you with that anymore.

H&M Nail Polish in Stay Golden
I wanted a gold glitter polish since last year, I wanted one that is sheer so I can use it on top of other nail polishes with huge glitter particles, and this one from H&M is just perfect. Also perfect for the Holidays.

OPI Casino Royal and Tommorow Never Dies
It was really hard for me to choose only two shades from the new OPI holiday collection "SkyFall", but these 2 in my opinion are the prettiest ones. Casino Royal is a very pretty plum with some shades of purple and red , it's also a creme which that makes it perfect as an everyday but chic nail polish. Tommorow Never Dies is a gorgeous blue based purple with red shimmer, definetely a shade that makes you nails pop! Love it!

Essence Wild Craft Mystic Lilac eyeshadow
Lastly something that I got a few days ago, it's an eyeshadow from Essence's Wild Craft collection, it's called Mystic Lilac. It's a very pretty shimmery eggplant shade, very pigmented. I don't use purple eyeshadows but I do love eggplant shades, they look amazing on winter time especially with taupes.

So have you tried any of these products? Do you like them? Let me know!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Beauty Wishlist!

I was in a very festive mood this past weekend, so I decided to make my Christmas beauty wishlist and write a post about it. I know Christmas is one month away, but I couldn't help myself, I had to do it!

1. Lush Holiday Collection. For the past 4 years I always end up buying some of their gorgeous smelling stuff. Since we don't have Lush in Greece, I place an order from their UK site. My number one essential is the Snowcake soap, smells like an almond heaven, the same smell has the Snowman Melting Bath Melt which I love!

2. Yep, a Tangle Teezer! I don't know why it's in my Christmas wishlist and why I've never bought it before but for sure I'm going to get it now. I really like the purple one with the silver glitter!

3. Inglot eyeshadows. I've been lemming Inglot eyeshadows for over 6 months, but I'm gonna treat myself with some of them this Christmas. I keep hearing how pigmented they are, I'll propably get a 5 pan palette with my favorite kind of eyeshadow shades, neutrals!

4. China Glaze Joy Holiday Collection. I'm such a polish addict, and I love Holiday collections. I've already bought some from the OPI Skyfall collection, and I also wanna get some from China Glaze too. The whole collection looks amazing with all these gorgeous reds and golds, Merry Berry, Cranberry Splash and Champagne Kisses are the ones I want the most.

5. Sephora Prisma Chrome Outrageous Metallic Taupe Eyeshadow. I saw these new metallic eyeshadows at the french Sephora site, and I fell in love with the taupe one, and I'm not even a taupe eyeshadow lover! It looks so pretty and metallic, I bet it will look amazing on the lids on its own with just black liner and mascara.

6. bareMinerals READY eyeshadow duo. Yes I know, too many eyeshadows in my wishlist but I checked these duos at a Sephora store a few weeks ago, and I loved them. They are so soft and pigmented, and the neutral shades they have are amazing. A little on the expensive side but I hope I'll find a good deal at Sephora till Christmas time.

7.  Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume. I like buying a perfume every Christmas, last year was Givenchy's Dahlia Noir, this year I hope it will be Vera Wang's Lovestruck. It smells amazing, not heavy at all, perfect for everyday. I believe that Vera Wang's perfumes are amazing, I already love the Princess.

8. Real Techniques Make Up Brushes. I've never try them before and I've being lemming them for months. The ones I want the most are the Blush Brush and the Core collection.

9. bareMinerals Buxom Time To Shine mini Lip Collection. This lipgloss set is the one I'm lemming the most from my Christmas wishlist. When I saw it at Beautybay's site I was like "I have to get it now!". I read really good reviews about Buxom lipglosses and I think that this set is just perfect for me to try them out, it contains shades that I use the most.

I'm not sure if I'm going to get them all, but a girl can dream!

What's on your Christmas beauty wishlist?
 Let me know!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Empties.

I really wanted to start doing empties posts and since I gathered few of them lately, I decide to do my first  post. I think it's a great idea posting all your empties every month or every two months because you have a complete opinion about a product and that way I can let you know whether I liked it or not and whether I'll repurchase it or not.

 Not all of these products are November empties, some of them are empties from the past two months, but I wanted to include them now since it's my first post.

It's hard for me to gather empties because most of the times I don't use up products, especially face products because I tend to break out easily so I can't use them, but I'll try to keep up with these posts every month or every two months!

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC25
Years ago this foundation used to be my HG foundation, I actually purchased it twice, but after trying the Pro Longwear I realised how bad it was. It was way too yellow, and too cakey, also it was hard to blend it on my skin, and after two hours it transfered around my nose and mouth. I definetely won't repurchase it again.

Clinique Even Better Foundation  03 Ivory
When I first got this foundation I hated it I don't know why, so I kept in my make up drawer for a long time. But last spring I decided to give it a second chance and I realised how wrong I was. It covers really well, makes my face look seriously flawless, even my mother complimented my face and she never notices any difference on the foundations I use. Also the shade is the perfect beige, I prefer beige shades over yellow ones. This one and Mac's Pro Longwear are my two HG liquid foundations. I've already purchase a new one, because this one was too old to use anymore.

The Body Shop Hot Brights Lips & Cheeks
I can't even remember when I got this lip and cheek duo from The Body Shop, but I remember it was from a limited edition summer collection. I really liked the cheek stain, I was using it under my powder blushes to make them last longer and it was working, the lipgloss was way too sticky for me, but the shade is a pretty golden beige.

Mac CreamSheen Glass Partial To Pink
This is actually one of the few Mac lipglosses that I actually finished up, because most of them go bad really quick, within a year or so, but this one never did, same thing with the Dazzleglasses. In my opinion the Cremesheen Glasses are the best glosses that Mac has, very smooth, non sticky at all and very glossy without shimmers, my perfect gloss! I'll propably repurchase it in another shade, this one was too sheer.

Mac Perennial High Style Lipglass
So this one I had to toss it out because it started taste really bad. Every single lipglass I purchased from Mac gone bad, all of them really quick, but this one lasted me a little over two years. I have to say that I really loved this shade, and I liked the fact that it didn't have shimmers. But since it was limited edition I can't repurchase it. A good dupe though it's Pink Lemonade also from Mac.

Bobbi Brown Corrector Light Peach
I used to love this product, I've actually purchased it three times until now. I was using it alone as a concealer, it has the perfect peachy shade for my dark brown undereye circles. I decided to stop using it, after I realised how bad it creases within a few hours. One more con is that it's very expensive, it costs over 25 euros, and for a product that lasted me only a few months I think that it's way too much. I don't think I will repurchase it again.

Seventeen Ideal Cover Liquid Concealer
I've mentioned this concealer too many times already, I absolutely love it! It's very lightweight with medium coverage, it never creases, and it costs only 12 euros. I will definetely repurchase it, I actually did a month ago.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
This is my favorite summer body butter, I've repurchased it many times in the past, it has the perfect coconut scent, and a tube of it it lasts me for many months! I actually finished it  three days ago, and I think it was about time because now I want to use body lotions with warmer scents such as the Shea Body Butter and Vanilla Body Lotion also from The Body Shop.

Sephora Instant Eye MakeUp Remover
OK this eye make remover is so bad I can't even tell! It barely removes any mascara, it burns a little and it seriously stinks! I purchased it in a mini size a year ago when I was first trying some of Sephora's skincare products. It's a totally different product from my HG eye make remover also from Sephora, the Waterproof Eye MakeUp Remover which contains oil, and it removes my eye makeup quickly without any effort.

Liposan Classic Care
This lipbalm is the only one that I blindly repurchase every single time, I can't live without it. Some people hate it, propably because it's very creamy, but I suffer from dry lips at winter and summer, and it's the only one that helps my lips feel comfortable and not bleed.

Have you try any of these products? Did you like them? Let me know!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Favorites.

 Well it's time for my monthly favorites, and seriously I didn't even realise that this month is already over,  October just flew by so fast! This time I decided to include some of my non beauty favorites just for fun! 
I hope you like them!

Mac Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation
I started using liquid foundation again the past month, because the whole summer I prefered using a powder foundation, my beloved Benefit Hello Flawless. One of my HG liquid foundations is Mac's Pro Longwear, it blends really well onto my skin, doesn't make me oily and doesn't make my dry areas obvious, and the best part is that it seriously stays on for hours without transfering, it stays on for more than 8 to 10 hours. I wear the shade NC20. Love it!

L'oreal Mega Volume Collagene 24H Mascara
I don't know what's happening with me and mascaras this past year, every single one I try it's even better than the previous one! OK maybe there's one exception with Benefit's They're Real which I absolutely hated, but this one from L'oreal it's just amazing! It gives amazing length and volume, without clumping, makes my lashes look like false ones, and it's very soft, so soft sometimes I forget I wear mascara. I'm really surprised (in a good way) with L'oreal mascaras lately, very good quality!

Stila Blush Duo in SugarLoaf
Well this is an old blush of mine, when Stila used to release some incredible collections! This blush duo is from the 2006 Fall in Love collection and it's called SugarLoaf. For me this is the definition of a fall peach shade when it comes to blush. I'm not particular in love with the highlighter but the peachy blush is very pretty. Aww how I miss Stila and her gorgeous seasonal collections!

Seventeen Matte Lasting Lipstick in 02
This is a lipstick I got recently, and I used a lot within October, it's a neutral pink-beige shade and matte, perfect for an everyday look and perfect for the fall. It has a unique non drying matte texture which I love.

Mac Lipstick in Way To Love
My second choice of lipstick this month was a more sheer and glossy one. Way To Love is propably one of the few pink lipsticks I've tried and looks good on me, pink lipsticks and especially cool toned ones looks horrible on me, they make me look sick. It was a limited edition shade, released back in 2009 with Rose Romance collection.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream
Even though I'm oily, this is a great moisturizer to use at night time when my skin feels more tight and dry, and that happens a lot to me within fall and winter. The best part is that it doesn't make me oily, well only a little bit because it's an intense cream, and that's the reason why I use it mostly at night, also it doesn't break me out!

La Roche Posay Cicaplast
I love this cream, well not only me, my mum also loves it, she uses it for her chapped lips. I have some skin problems for the past month, my skin became very sensitive, some areas peel especially around my nose, and I have itchyness, I'm trying to figure out some new skincare stuff to use this moment for the itchyness, but for the peeling Cicaplast has been my savior and for anyone who has that problem you have to try it out!

Sunsilk Perfect Straight byYuko Leave In Cream
In October I started blow drying my hair again, and I've already mention that I'm a hardcore fan of John Frieda's Frizz Ease Extra Strength serum, but since mine was over, I decided to try something else for a change and not spend 15 euros for it so I chose this on from Sunsilk, it was very cheap, only 2.5 euros. And OMG I was blown away by how great this product is, it's even better than John Frieda's serum, and I mean it. I only need a tiny bit of this for my whole hair, it control the frizziness, makes my hair super soft, it helps straightening my hair a lot and because it contains cones it protects my hair from the heat. I can't recommend this stuff enough, if you'll try it you'll know what I mean!

Non Beauty Favorites

Im addicted to TV Shows, yes I've said it! I'm ashamed of how many I watch, from the new ones that just started I can't really tell which ones are my favorites yet, propably next month I' ll let you know, but from the old ones two of my favorites are Once Upon A Time and Revenge. If you haven't watch them yet, do it, you'll love them!

And my favorite Starbucks beverage, not only for this month but for the whole year (except Christmas time), is Caramel Macchiato. When the weather is hot I prefer the iced one but now I enjoy it hot, and I like the hot one way more!

Let me know what are your beauty and non beauty favorites for this month!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Essie Winter Collection 2012

Christmas is on the way,even though the weather here is not even fall appropriate, and the winter and holiday nail collections are already out! Essie's Winter collection contains unique and I could say some unexpected shades for a winter collection. Beautiful reds, blues, silver and glitters are in the spotlight for this holiday season.

Beyond Cozy - a decadent silvery gold glitter

Butter Please - an indulgent bright blue

Leading Lady - a supreme deep red with glitter

She’s Pampered - an indulgent red

Snap Happy -  a cheerful red orange

Where’s My Chauffer
- an opulent turquoise

I have to say that Leading Lady is the one I'm most excited for! It looks so pretty and glittery, it reminds me of China Glaze's Ruby Pumps but super glittery, in my opinion perfect for the holiday season! Beyond Cozy, I love this name, also is in my wishlist, because a gold glitter nail polish is a must have for the Christmas. Where’s My Chauffer is also a very pretty and unique shade for the winter, it reminds me of crispy mints!

Which colors are going to be your picks for this holiday season?

 *The Winter collection in Greece will be available from November 2012 at hair and beauty salons, nail studios and spa, 12.5 € each.