Monday, March 19, 2012

More than a Beauty tag

This is my first tag, I was tagged by the lovely sissi's place .   Sooooooo................

Fondest Childhood Memory?
It’s not one memory in particular, it’s more like a combination of childhood memories, mostly summertime ones, me playing with my friends all day at my neighborhood’s playground till the sun goes down, travelling with my parents, especially road trips, and many more! 

Quirky Habit
I write every little thing that comes to my mind on Post-Its, lists with things to do or certain products I want to check out, or remember to do something like house stuff or not to drink coffee next day because my stomach is sensitive, you know silly everyday stuff. I do this mostly because I forget easily so I need reminders all the time. 

Play Sports?
Nope, not a sports person here.

Favorite Book
Jane Austin’s Pride & Prejudice, corny I know! And Victoria Hislop’s The Island, I can’t tell you enough how much I love this book! 

If you could invent something what would it be?
I’m not that imaginative as a person to think of something cool right now, but for my mum I’d like to find a cure for headaches that doesn’t include painkillers.

If you could own your own business what would it be?
I’ve always wanted a warm and cozy bookstore like the one Meg Ryan had in “You’ve Got Mail”. 

Someone you admire(who doesn't know who you are)
I can’t think of anyone right now sorry. 

A talent you wish you had
Definitely painting and drawing. I always admire a person who can paint because I really can’t.

Something you wish you'd know two years ago?
Not stressing out about getting my degree because it’s pretty much useless right now! 

What do you do to feel centered/relaxed?
I  like to get up in the morning do some housework and then make some coffee and go sit around my computer watching Youtube videos or check out blogs or see a TV show that I like. 

Who is someone that makes you feel loved?
My family, and it will always be my family no matter what! 

The most interesting place you have been and why?
OK this question really hurts because I haven’t been anywhere special, I haven’t  even left the country sooooo no I won’t answer it! 

3 books you can't wait to end
I only have one right now, The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simmons. 

A cherished keepsake you will keep forever?
Certain things from my childhood, but I can’t remember anything specific right now. 

Something you really want to see or do before you die?
Definetely travelling to certain European countries like Spain, Paris and London, and a special long trip to the US.

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