Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stila "In The Know" Eyeshadow Palette Review.

Hello everyone! I know it's been a few weeks since I wrote a post but now I'm back with a review for an eyeshadow palette that I'm sure that most of you will love it! It's the Stila "In The Know" eyeshadow palette, which contains only matte eyeshadows, yes it's a rare thing to find but there is a premade palette that contains only matte eyeshadows! I got this palette almost a year ago, and to be completely honest with you I haven't used it as much as I would want to, but there are shades in it that I reach for almost every single time I do my make up.

In this palette you get 10 neutral matte eyeshadows, with an amazing silky texture. I have to admit that Stila knows how to do a good matte eyeshadow, they're amazingly pigmented,very silky and blendable. You also get a full size Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in "Halfmoon", which has one of the best textures you can find at an eyepencil. The shades in this palette are:

Air - an almost white shade
Wind - an ivory shade
Desert - a light cream peachy shade
Clay - a tan/flesh shade
Earth - a dark warm toned brown
Driftwood - a medium warm toned brown
Fire - a dark orange shade
Rain - a muted mauvish brown
Smoke - a medium grey
Ebony - a true black

The shades I've used the most from this palette are the warm toned ones, just because the cool ones make me look sick. I love using Desert all over my lids, it's a little lighter than the color of my lids and it brightens my eyes a bit, it's a great dupe for Mac's Arena eyeshadow. Clay is also a good "all over the lid" eyeshadow, but because it's almost identical to my actual lid color sometimes it doesn't show up at all. Earth and Driftwood are the two browns that I enjoy using the most, sometimes I use Earth as a liner and it works perfectly. Air and Wind are the perfect "browbone" whitish-ivory cream shades and the fact that they're matte it makes them perfect for that job. Fire is a very unique shade I would say to be included in this palette, because it's a dark but bright orange, I've used it a few times on the crease, it creates a warmth to my eyes, and when it's blended with the rest of the warm toned browns like Driftwood and Earth it creates a beautiful "fall" look. Rain and Smoke are the ones that I rarely use just because I don't look good with greys. Also in my opinion it would be better if the palette came with a warm toned shade of eyepencil instead of a grey.

I really like the packaging of this palette, it's very pretty and girly but practical, it's very lightweight because it's made from cardboard, and it has a magnetic closure. Also it comes with a huge mirror which I find very handy, unlike the Urban Decay's Naked palettes.

Stila is not available in Greece, I have to mention that I bought it from Beautybay, now it retails for 30 euros but I got it with a Black Friday discount last year, and since Black Friday is really close keep your eyes open that day for any discounts.

Overall I think that if you love matte eyeshadows, especially neutral ones, this palette is a must have for you. You can create beautiful everyday looks for the school, the office or anywhere you want. You can also mix them with shimmery ones to keep a balance on your eye look. The eyeshadows have an amazing quality, I haven't found such good quality matte eyeshadows at Mac for sure. I highly recommend it.

Have you tried the Stila "In The Know" palette before? 
Let me know!


  1. so pigmented *w* nice review!


  2. Έχει πολύ ωραία χρώματα, και η απόδοση επίσης τέλεια! Πολύ ωραίο review!

  3. Kαλά, είναι υπέροχη, δεν έχω λόγια!!

  4. τι ωραία χρώματα και τι ωραία απόδοση!υπέροχη!

  5. Δε θα πω ψέμματα...ΤΗ ΘΕΛΩ! Υπέροχες αποχρώσεις! <3

  6. one of the most beautiful palettes i have ever seen with great pigmentation!

  7. Πολύ όμορφα χρωματάκια!! x

  8. Have never tried this palette but it looks so beautiful, you can see the pigmentation must be amazing from the pics! Great review, love it :D L xo

  9. Megia!agapw tis skies tis stilla egw exw sxedon ena xrono tin "In the garden" kai exw meinei kateuxaristimeni kai imoun anamesa se auto pou pires kai se auto pou pira kali agora!eidika gia to kathimerino sou makigiaz exeis pollous sundiasmous

    1. Ναι πραγματι! Και η In The Light ειναι εξισου υπεροχη, θελω να την παρω καποια στιγμη!

  10. Φανταστικά χρώματα! Ότι πρέπει για καθημερινό μακιγιάζ!Με γεια σου!

    Πολύ ωραίο review! ;-)

  12. Πολύ όμορφη και πολύ ευκολοφόρετα χρώματα! Μπήκε στο Wishlist!

  13. Such a versatile palette! Very pretty and suitable for every occassion!!! Excellent choice - oh, and p.s. great swatches! :)