Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Essie Fall 2012 Collection - Stylenomics

Hello my lovelies, I just came back from my vacation and every year in the middle of the August I have this feeling that the fall is coming and I love it!! I can't stop reading blogs for the new make up fall collections, and since I'm a vampy lover when it comes to nails, I have to say that nail fall collections are by far my favorite ones!
Essie is one of my favorite nail polish brands, and every single year their fall collection is amazing! For this year Stylenomics collection includes 6 deep and warm shades with cream finish, such as teal, cherry red, magenta, burgundy, light grey and mauve-taupe, all highly glossy!!

Miss Fancy Pants - Refined, chic greige

 Recessionista - Millionheiress magenta

Stylenomics - On the money opulent green

Head Mistress - Bold, take-charge red

 Don't Sweater It - Warm & Cozy mauve

Skirting The Issue - Slinky & subversive burgundy

Which shades from the collection do you like the most, which are you going to purchase? I know for sure that Recessionista and Skirting the Issue are in my fall wishlist!

 *The Stylenomics collection in Greece will be available from September 2012 at hair and beauty salons, nail studios and spa, 12.5 € each.


  1. Awww, new pretty shades! I don't think I have something similar to Stylenomics so let's put it in the wl! :D

    1. Very pretty indeed!! Can't wait for the fall to come!!

  2. Recessionista και Stylenomics πρέπει να τα αποκτήσω! Είναι τέλεια!

  3. Don't Sweater It... The best! Love ur blog by the way ;)

  4. thanks for sharing :) I need some of those! the colours are perfect for autumn, especially the forest green one
    and the burgundy *_*
    in btw nice blog you have here, dear. keep up the work and feel free
    to check out the latest post on my fashionblog as well, if you like. :)