Monday, October 22, 2012

Small Collective Haul (Seventeen, Avene, La Roche Posay, Apivita)

This is a small collective haul I did 2 weeks ago for some skincare and make up essentials, but I always end up buying more than I plan to,especially when it comes to make up!

Seventeen Ideal Cover Liquid Concealer in 06 Caramel
I had to get a brand new tube of my HG concealer, it's the third time I'm purchasing this concealer, I absolutely love it. It may not be a full coverage concealer like my other one, Mac's Studio Finish, but most of the times I want a more natural look under my eyes, even though I have bad dark circles.

Seventeen Matte Lasting Lipstick in 02
As I was at the Seventeen counter getting my concealer, I checked out these new matte lipsticks they released in the summer. They have 16 shades, 6 of them are new, released with their fall collection. The one I got, the 02, is not from their fall collection, and it was actually the only shade that cought my eye. Such a pretty light pinky beige, with an absolutely amazing matte texture. I generally hate matte lipsticks because I have dry lips but this one is very lightweight and doesn't make my lips look dry at all. And the most important, at least for me, it doesn't have an overpowering taste. 

Seventeen Super Shine Polish in 342
I have a weekness in Seventeen polishes, especially the dark vampy ones. When I saw that they released their new fall collection I knew I had to get one! In the picture it looks a little lighter and more red than it actually is, it's a dark plum with red undertones with cream texture, also highly glossy. For me it's the perfect fall shade, very vampy and very sexy, you HAVE to check it out! For sure I'm gonna buy more polishes from their fall collection in the near future.

Apivita Lip Care with Honey and Beeswax
If you already don't know, my HG lip balm is the Liposan Classic Care (Labello or Nivea at other countries), but this Apivita one is a very unique kind of lip balm, it's seriously very waxy, it's hard to apply it on the lips, the best way I found to apply it is by just dabbing it on the lips, lightly. It works amazing as a lip primer, the lipsticks just stick on to it and do not move. I don't like using it all the time because I like my lip balms to be creamier. I love the fact that it's a bio-eco product, with 100% natural ingredients. Also you can really taste the honey, no artificial taste, real honey and beeswax. 

 Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel
This was the number one essential I had to buy this month! This is the cleanser I use for almost 15 years now, I haven't ever changed it and I buy a bottle every 3 or 4 months, yeah do the math! I noticed that they released a new bigger 300 ml bottle with the same prize as the 200 ml one, and of course I got the new, bigger one.

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Light moisturizer
This a simple, non SPF moisturizer, with light texture perfect for combination and oily skintypes, for day and night time use. It wears well under make up too. One of the few moisturizers that hasn't break me out. I was using it last year and I went through the whole tube and for me that means something, I almost never use up a whole tube of moisturizer because after a while they tend to break me out.

Apivita Propoline Shampoo with Chamomile and Honey
I have a history with shampoos in general, I have to change them very frequently otherwise they make my scalp very ichy, so I'm trying new shampoos very often. I wanted to use this one from Apivita, and since they have small bottles too I decided to try the small one to see if it suits me before I go and buy the full size, it's for frequent use for all hair types, mine is normal to oily. OK so this shampoo was horrible on me, it made my hair a tangled mess, it was impossible to use a brush, and also made my scalp super oily. I don't know why, it's propably the honey that made my scalp very oily, but for sure I'm not going to buy the full size.

So have you try any of these products?? Do you like or hate them? Let me know!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado Review

This is a review I've been meaning to do for a while and now I'm finally doing it. I'm using this eye cream since January and I think it's time to write my full opinion on this product.

First of all the packaging, I just love the minimalist packaging. It comes in a white plastic jar, thank God because I hate glass jars, with the all the usefull information and directions written on the front. I find it very pretty, very pharmacy brand-like.

It contains:
-Avocado Oil which is known to be the most moisturizing of any fruit oil. Helps to restore the natural moisture of the skin.
-Beta-Carotene, which is a naturally delivered antioxidant, predominantly found in many orange/red vegetables such as carrots.
-Shea Butter. Protects skin from dehydration, restores skin's suppleness and improves the appearance of dry skin.

First of all the cream has a green tint, like an avocado, but once you blend it on the skin after a few minutes the tint dissapears. One thing I can tell about the texture of this eye cream, is that it's SUPER creamy, I haven't use any eye or face cream that creamy, and because of that you only need a tiny bit of this for your undereye area, and I mean a tiny amount, otherwise you'll end up a greasy mess and you don't want that trust me.
 Also it's not like any other traditional eye cream, it needs to be applied very carefully, you pat it on until it's fully blended into the skin. At first it feels a bit sticky but as you go on applying it the cream starts to emulsify, and become more watery. It needs about 15 to 20 minutes for my skin to fully absorb it, for that reason I don't like applying it under my concealer, I prefer using it mostly at night time. One thing I've learnt is that you have to be patient with this product.

Here in Greece it costs 28 euros, and you can find it at Attica department stores and at selected Hondos Center stores.

-It's the perfect eye cream for those who suffer from dry undereye area, that happens to me mostly at wintertime. 
-Comparable to my HG eye cream, Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream, it gives a hydration that lasts for over 8 hours, while the Bobbi Brown one does not hydrate for that long.. I wake up in the moring after 9 hours of sleep and I can still feel the hydration on my skin.

-It gives a light cooling sensation on the skin.

 - I like the minimalist packaging, it's also very travel friendly.

-The price. Yes for me its price it's a plus because comparing the quality of this eye cream to other more expensive high end hydrating eye creams, it's definetely a winner.

- For those who have normal skin under the eyes it's too heavy. Mine it's not always dry so the times when it's normal I find it too thick.

- I don't like the way it applies into the skin, being sticky at first and then becomes watery.

- Too thick to be used under a concealer, at least for me. I'm sure for those who have dry or very dry undereye area won't have that problem.

Rating: 7/10 
Overall it's an amazing eye cream, especially for those who suffer from dryness, but still it cannot beat my beloved Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye cream.

Have you try this eye cream, did you like it? Let me know! 


Sunday, October 14, 2012

100 Follower Giveaway Winner!

I have a winner for the 100 Follower Giveaway!
Congratulations to...

 Eleni K.

I already email the winner, she will have 48 hours to respond to my email, otherwise I'll pick another winner.

I wanna thank everyone who entered to my 1st giveaway!! 
There will be more in the future for sure!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Essence Cherry Blossom Girl haul.

Last week I did a small haul from the new Essence Cherry Blossom Girl collection, and I wanted to do a seperate post about them. I was waiting for a whole month to release the collection, I was so happy that I found a full display at my Hondos store, because most of the times half of the stuff are sold out!

 Blush in 01 Asian Sensation

It's a duo blush, the one half is a gorgeous matte coral-peachy shade, highly pigmented. The other half is a very light apricot shade. As you can see from the swatch pic below , it's not pigmented at all, it looks like a highlighter but it doesn't have enough shimmers to give any glow, it mostly works like a a very light shade to mix with the coral one to tone it down.

from left to right: arpricot shade, coral shade, both shades mixed together

 Quattro Eyeshadow in 01 Dreaming Under a Cherry Tree

This is a very pretty quad, it contains a very light apricot shade that it's very good for the inner part of the eyes to brighten them. A coral peachy shade so pretty for all over the lids. A highlighter with grey undertones, but on my lids the grey it's not visible at all, it worked really good as a brow highlighter, and lastly a taupe one. They all have good pigmentation, maybe except the light apricot one, it didn't work as an all over the lids shade. I don't like to use all of them for one look because the taupe one didn't match well with the peachy coral ones, but individually they work pretty good!

Lipstick Pencil in 02 It's Peach Not Cherry

I really really really wanted to like this product, it was actually the one product that I wanted the most from this collection, mostly because of its pretty peachy shade, but it dissapointed me! It'a a matte lipstick in a pencil form, very smooth but it has shimmers and lots of them,  they stick on the dry parts of my lips and that  makes me look like a sick person, this is a reason why I hate frost lipsticks! I may find a way to make it work, maybe on top of other lipsticks, but overall I'm dissapointed!

Nail Polish in 04 It's Peach Not Cherry

 This is the product that I love the most from all the things that I've purchased! The color and the texture are wonderful! It's a medium peach shade with creme texture, no shimmers at all, it applies very good on the nails! What more can I say, the perfect peach shade for the nails. It may not be a fall shade but it's a gorgeous shade for spring and summer! Go and get it!

Have you seen or purchased anything from this collection?? Did you like them? Let me know!!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Favorites.

I still can't believe September it's over, the weather here it's so hot that it feels like August, and I think that we won't have any fall weather at all we'll skip right into winter! Anyway, I didn't have lots of favorite products this month, especially new ones, most of them are rediscoveries from my make up stash.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 35 On and On Bronze
This was my go to eyeshadow when I was feeling extremely lazy to do a full eye make up, I was just using this with some mascara and I was done. I love the taupe bronze shade, and when the fall weather will come I'm going to use it even more!

Mac Paint Pot in Nubile
I've tried lots of Mac Paint Pots and I didn't like them, but this one has the exact same shade that my eyelids have, it doesn't make them look white or yellowish like Soft Ochre did, plus it's super creamy, I only wish it wasn't limited edition

Urban Decay Naked Palette
I have this palette for several months but I just start using it, I'm not in love with all the shades (yet!) but the ones that I just can't stop using are Naked, Buck and Smog. I'm pretty sure that when I'll hit pan to these 3 eyeshadows I'll repurchase them in full size!

Garnier Roll-On Anti-Dark Circles
I got this one last March, and when I first tried it I seriously hated it, I didn't think that it covered my dark circles at all, so I left it in my drawer and not using it for several months. But last month I run out of my Seventeen Liquid Concealer and I didn't want to buy a new one so I gave this one a second chance and I actually changed my mind. This time it worked because I put two layers of it and that way it works. It still doesn't cover as well as my Seventeen one but it does a decent job.

Mac Sunny By Nature Mineralize Skinfinish
This was a limited edition Mac MSF, it was released with the Color Craft collection in the summer of 2009. It's a gorgeous non shimmery and non glittery MSF that I use as a bronzer when I want to look a little more tan than when I use my regular Estee Lauder one. It's propably the best MSF I've own so far.

Essence Silky Touch Blush in 30 Secret It-Girl
I'm really impressed with this blush, it's very cheap, costs only 3 euros. The color is a light orangey peach, the texture and the pigmentation are very good, super smooth and not powdery at all, I didn't use any other blush last month and I keep using it everytime I do my make up.

Chanel Aqualumiere lipstick in 61 Santa Monica
I just love the name of this lipstick, it makes me think of summer and beaches! Santa Monica is a very sheer peach-tangerine shade but very very pretty. I have it for a long time and I actually forgot that I had it until I was searching in my make up drawer and found it. I think the Aqualumiere line was discontinued a long time ago, that's too bad because the texture is very good, especially for those who like sheer lipsticks.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre
The perfume I was using the whole September and still using is the Chance Eau Tendre, I have it for almost 2 years and I just want to finish it. It's a very cute perfume, light and flowery but for some reason I wouldn't repurchase it, propably because I'm not that into flowery scents.

Korres Olive Stones Deep Cleansing Scrub
I run out of my Korres Pomegranate scrub which I absolutely love, and when I saw that Korres released this one I decided to buy it, I think I've repurchased it years ago but they discontinued it and released it again in the mini skincare series. It's almost as good as the Pomegranate one, it does a very good exfoliation without being harsh, I don't think it's a deep cleansing scrub while the Pomegranate one is, but the smell is divine! I love the fresh smell of olives on my face, especially in the monring.

So have you tried any of these products? What were your fave products of the month? Let me know!