Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mac Pro Longwear Foundation Review

I think it was about time to write a review about my HG foundation, which is Mac's Pro Longwear.
It's so hard for me to love a foundation, and that's because I'm very picky. But I will tell you why I fell in love with this foundation from the first time I've tried it!

It comes in a glass bottle and it comes with a pump that locks, which makes it very travel friendly. I love the fact that it comes with a pump because not all Mac foundations have one, for example the Studio Fix Fluid doesn't have a pump and you have to buy one seperately, and that costs 4 euros!

Texture - Application
First of all let's talk about the shade. I use the NC20, and the NC color range is yellow based, it's more for warm skintones. Of course not all warm skintones need yellow toned foundations, and that's when the problem starts with Mac's foundation color range. Some people, like me need more beige toned foundations, some brands do make foundations with beige shades, but Mac is not one of them! They only have yellow and pink, and in order to make a good beige shade you have to mix both pink and yellow. The good part is tat the Pro Longwear's NC shades are not as yellow as the Studio Fix Fluid's ones. The NC shades at the SFF are so yellow that made me look like a dead person.

Let's move on to the texture and how it applies onto the skin. It has a very liquidy texture, and at first that makes you think that this foundation cannot be as longlasting as it claims to be, but when I start applying and blending it into the skin it starts to become very drying, so I have to be very quick. But it doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all, it actually feels very lightweight, and that was a huge problem I had with the Studio Fix Fluid, it was very drying but also very cakey and heavy.  I tried to take a few pictures to show you how exactly the foundation applies on my hand:

It doesn't dry to a complete matte finish, it has more of a semi-matte one, and that makes it perfect for combination and oily skintypes. There are a few problems though, for those who have combination skin they might find it a little to hard to blend and smooth it out all over the face, a good moisturizer or a primer will help with that. And for those with oily skintype, like mine, it may get a little shiny after a few hours, mostly around the nose, but nothing that a blotting powder or a blotting paper cannot fix. 
As far as how long this foundation lasts, I have to say that it's one of the best long lasting foundations I've tried so far. It claims to last for 15 hours, I think that the longest time I've tested it out was 12 hours and it really lasted without transfering all over my face. That's what I love the most about this foundation, it's transfer resistant, not all long lasting foundations are. The coverage it provides it's not a full one, but more of a medium one, but still it covers redness and pimples really well, it's just not full coverage like Estee Lauder's Double Wear. I also have to say that it's one of the few foundations that doesn't break me out, and that is rare because the majority of the foundations I try,do break me out.
It does contain SPF10, and foundations that contain SPF do create a white cast at photographs, I haven't been photographed wearing this foundation so I can't tell you if it does that or not, but I have been photographed with the Studio Fix Fluid which has SPF15 and it didn't create a white cast, so I guess this one doesn't either.

In Greece it retails for 31.5 euros, and you can find it at Mac Stores and Mac counters in department stores.

-Transfer-resistant and long lasting, 12 hours and more.
-Ideal for combination and oily skintypes.
-It doesn't break me out.
-Doesn't feel heavy or cakey on the face.
- It comes with a pump.
-Less yellow toned than the rest of Mac foundations.

-It may not be as yellow as the other Mac foundations, but it's still yellow toned.
- It might get shiny throughout the day, especially for those with oily skintype.
- It makes the dry and flaky patches visible.

Rating: 9/10
I gave Mac's Pro Longwear foundation a very high rating, because it's really one of the best long lasting foundations in the market. I've been using it for over 2 years and my opinion about it hasn't change at all, it will always be my HG foundation, and even though I like to try different ones I'm sure I will always return to this one!

Have you tried the Pro Longwear foundation, do you like it? I wanna know! 


  1. Aπλά το λατρεύω!!! Αυτό με λίγη πούδρα δίνει ακόμα καλύτερη κάλυψη και διάρκεια!!Αγαπημένο!!

  2. Einai pragmatika to mono foundation ap'th Mac pou skeftomai na ksanaparw!!!Apsogo review!!!Nomizw sumfwnw 100% m'osa les!!!filia polla Sophia mou :*

    1. S'euxaristw polu! Nai sigoura einai to kalutero foundation pou exoun ta Mac auti ti stigmi.

  3. Καλησπέρα!Αγαπημένο μου για πολύ καιρό!Με λίγη πούδρα,κάνει θαύματα ειδικά για τις λίγο λιπαρές επιδερμίδες!
    Τώρα χρησιμοποιώ la roche και είμαι απόλυτα ικανοποιημένη!
    Καλό απόγευμα!!

  4. Great post, thanks!! it's in my wl, hope mac will have a good offer soon!

  5. the prolongwear foundation is actually one of my mac's faves! i like to use it during summer so i only have a darker shade with me atm!

    **DONT EVEN TRY** mac matchmaster foundation. it is seriously the worst they've ever released. too cakey, too drying! a review is up soon ^_^ xxx

    1. I know, I have Matchmaster since last year and it's almost untouched, I seriously hated it, it's so drying and yellow I can't stand it!

    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my blog:)

    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria at

  7. I haven't tried a MAC foundation yet but I was considering to give this a shot. NOw that I read your review, I think it will suit me pretty well.
    Since you've tried the E. Lauder Double Wear (which is my HG for the moment), can you tell me the shade you use it in, so I can estimate what I should look for at the MAC one..?
    Great review, btw!

    1. I've only tried samples of the EL Double Wear and none of them were a good match for my skintone, sorry I can't help you with that.

  8. I freaking LOVE this thing!! It does NOT budge xx