Monday, October 14, 2013

Collective Drusgstore Haul (Essence, Apivita, Maybelline, Frezyderm)

For like 2 weeks I've been hauling drugstore products like crazy. I had a few of them in my wishlist for like a really long time and I decided to purchase them all at once! They're mostly some of Essence's new products, and a few skincare ones. So let's see what I got!
Essence All About Matt! Oil Free Make Up
I never thought that I would buy a foundation that costs only 4 euros, but I read really good reviews about it so I said why not? I have nothing to lose. I got the shade 20 Matt Nude and I guess this is a really popular shade since I got the last one that was left in the store, which is really closr to a Mac NC25 shade but more beige and less yellow. I thought that this would be a matte foundation, but it's not. It gives a dewy but not greasy look, it doesn't have the traditional matte finish like most matte foundations have, it's like a dewy but oil free foundation, which actually surprised me. At first it feels a bit sticky but after you apply some powder on top you're good to go, and it doesn't get oily throught the day. If you don't like matte foundations but you have oily and combination skintype, you should give this one a try!

Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder
I've been reading so many good reviews about this pressed powder and it made me really curious because I wanted to find a cheaper version of my HG Mac Blot Powder. What exactly is the All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder? Is a translucent powder, and as you can see it looks completely white, but don't worry, once this powder melts into your skin it's like you put nothing on your face. I have to agreee that it mattifies really well, without feeling or looking cakey or ashy, which is a problem I have with Mac Blot Powder. But it doesn't leave my face oil free for a long time, maybe an hour or two but that's it, while Mac's Blot Powder leaves my skin oil free for a really long time. I've only tested it out with 2 liquid foundations, the Essence All About Matt! and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, but I'm going to test it out with more foundations to see if it performs any better.
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 20
I've been testing out concealers like crazy lately,my mission is to find the perfect one, which I know that's inpossible but I'm doing it anyway! Most of the ones I have are either too dry or have the wrong shade. I read that the Maybelline Fit Me concealer is one of the best selling drugstore concealers and it's actually hydrating. First of all I like the fact that for a drugstore concealer it doesn't cost a fortune, only 8 euros while most of the drugstore concealers here in Greece retail between 11 and 15 euros, which is very expensive in my opinion. Now to the actual concealer, I really really like it, it's not drying at all, actually it's really hydrating which is very hard to find even in high end ones. It has a medium coverage, not as much as I wanted to provide but it's rare to find a liquid foundation with really good coverage. Actually it's really similar to my beloved Seventeen Ideal Cover, but more hydrating and also more yellow, which I don't really like that, I prefer the beige shade of the Seventeen Ideal Cover. Overall I think that the Fit Me concealer is definitely going to be my HG for this fall and winter!
Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream in Velvet Rose
I saw these Lip Creams at the Essence counter a few weeks ago, at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to purchase one because I'm not a big fan of matte lipsticks, I have dry lips and they don't look good on me, also everytime I wear one I have the need to apply a lip balm or something on top of it because otherwise I keep licking my lips, don't ask me why I do that, I really don't know! Anyway after a week I decided to purchase it just because I was completely in love with the shade. Velvet Rose is a very light neutral pink, very cute and flattering color in my opinion. I've tested it out a couple of times, I really like the texture when i first apply it but after an hour or so it starts to become very dry and creates a thin line on the inside of my lips, not a very flattering look trust me, I look like a sick person. So I have to remove it really well and reaply it, but before I have to use a lip balm, and as you can see it takes lots of work to apply just a lip color. 

Essence Silky Touch Blush in Life's A Cherry
You all propably know by now my love for the Essence Secret It Girl blush, for I don't know how long, about a year or so? It's the one blush that I always reach for, my go to blush, so I decided to expand my Essence blush collection. I saw that they released two new shades in their permanent line, Life's A Cherry and Sweetheart. Last week I only found Life's A Cherry but yesterday I managed to find the Sweetheart also so I grabbed it, unfortunately I took the pictures a few days ago so I only have Life's A Cherry to in the pictures. It's a really beautiful strawberry pink shade, I tend to avoid pink blushes especially the cool toned ones, but this one it's warmer and it looks amazing for the fall. Also it's crazily pigmented, you can see in the swatch picture down below exactly how pigmented it is.
On the left is the Life's A Cherry blush and on the right the Velvet Rose Lip Cream. Can you see how pigmented the blush is? And it's only one swipe! The Lip Cream for some reason looks more orangey in the picture, but in real life it's more of a beige-pink shade.
Apivita Creamy Face & Eye Foam Cleanser with Olive & Lavender 
I don't know how many of you remember, but two months ago I bought a mini version of this cleanser just to try it out, and all of a sudden it became my HG cleanser. My skin had been through so many changes last summer, and I figured out that most of them were caused by my face cleanser, my face became very dry and I had constant break outs for no reason. It was hard for me to realise that my cleanser was causing me so many problems, because it's the one I've been using for more than 15 years, but I guess as we get old our skin changes, so did mine. I've used the mini bottle of the Apivita cleanser for a little over a month, and my skin completely changed, no more dry patches and itchy skin. So when I run out, I went and got it in the full size, but I chose the really big, 300 ml size, which I guess it will last me for a while since I only need a tiny bit of this for my whole face, not even a full pump. If you suffer from dehydrated oily and combination skin, please try this cleanser, you won't regret it.

Apivita Purifying Tonic Lotion with Propolis & Citrus
I rarely use toners all over my face, I just use the Clinique #2 Clarifying Lotion whenever I have break outs around my chin area, and it works, it's the only one I've been using for many years. But since I was at the Apivita counter to get some stuff I told myself to give this toner a try because I like the natural ingredients it contains, and I want to use it all over my face. I've been using it for 2 weeks straight, I can't really say if it has done anything for my face so far, but I like the fresh feeling it leaves on my face, and the light citrus smell it has.

Frezyderm Eye Balm
I was in desperate need for a hydrating eye cream, the one I've been using, the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream, has done nothing for my undereye area, it doesn't hydrate and it hasn't help with the fine lines at all, so I went for a simple hydrating eye cream this time. This one from Frezyderm, is a very lightweight hydrating eye cream, which unfortunately doesn't hydrate as much as I wanted to and also it has a very runny texture. It would be a great eye cream for the summertime, but for the winter I think I'll need something heavier for sure. I'm gonna use it all but the search for the perfect eye cream still continues!

Apivita Radiance and Revitalizing Mask with Pomegranate 
I was looking for a face mask that will give my skin some kind of glow. I don't use face masks that often, I used to use oil control masks when I was younger but not anymore, I can't stand the tight feeling they give to my face. Now I prefer the more hydrating or cooling face masks, this Pomegranate one from Apivita it's really good, it has a really thin and non sticky texture, when I first applied it on, my face felt so cooling and refreshed, and after when I rinsed it off, I was left with a very bright and clean face. What this mask does is giving your face a really bright and clean look, an instant pick me up whenever you feel awful and your skin looks stressed and dull. I got this mask in the 2 pack packaging but I'm definitely going to purchase it in the full size in the future.

So that was all for my drugstore haul, sorry if it was a really long post but I wanted to share with you my first impressions of all the products. I have one more haul to saw you with all the NYX goodies I ordered from Cherryculture a few weeks ago. Until then tell me, have you tried any of these products? Do you like them? Let me know!


  1. Κι εγώ ήθελα πολύ να δοκιμάσω τα matte lip creams της Essence και τελικά δε μου άρεσαν καθόλου! Τους έδωσα πολλές ευκαιρίες, αλλά ειλικρινά είναι χάλια. Έχω και το συγκεκριμένο ροζ, και ομολογώ ότι είναι απ'τις πιο ωραίες αποχρώσεις που θα μπορούσε να βρει κανείς σε lip creams, αλλά όπως και να το βάλω μου κάνει τα χείλια χάλια. Πφφ, μερικές φορές κάνω ότι το ξεχνάω γιατί ειλικρινά λατρεύω το χρώμα, αλλά μετά από 5 λεπτά θυμάμαι γιατί τα μισώ. Εν γένει, συμφωνώ με τη γνώμη σου. Με γεια όλα, τα Apivita ειδικά τα θέλω όλα!

    1. Ειναι πραγματι πολυ κριμα, γιατι η αποχρωση ειναι τελεια!

  2. To Secret it-girl einai to pleon agapimeno mou blush! :)
    Eilikrina den to allazw me kanena k gia kanena logo!!! :):)

  3. με γεια σου κ να τα χαρείς ολα! xx

  4. Mεγειάαααα!!
    Τα θέλω όλα!!Ειδικά την κρέμα ματιών από frezyderm και το ρουζάκι από Essence!!
    Το καθαριστικό apivita το έχω δοκιμάσει και μου αρέσει αρκετά!
    αλλά από ότι διαβάζω δεν σου άρεσε η κρέμα ματιών ε??κρίμα..Πάντως κι εγώ τώρα που έχω την clinique all about eyes δεν είμαι ευχαριστημενη!

    1. Ναι η κρεμα ειναι λιγο light για μενα, αλλα για καλοκαιρι ειναι οτι πρεπει. Εχω δοκιμασει κ την Cinique Alla About Eyes Rich στο παρελθον κ ουτε αυτη με συγκινισε.

  5. I'm trying to find here Essence all about matte fixing compact powder like crazy...and they dont have it! Now I'm super jealous, and can't wait for your review. Lovely haul dear as always.

    1. Hahaha, yeah it's not easy to find it, most of the Essence products that I want are always sold out :(

  6. Just found your blog and I love it! New follower here, I can't wait to read more of your posts xx

  7. That blush is absolutely gorgeous!
    And your blog is super lovely :)
    Hope to speak soon,
    Your newest follower,
    Laura xx

  8. me geiaaa!alitheia den einai kali i frezyderm?kai mono pou leei balm eixa tin entupwsi oti tha einai kati san tin kiehls avocado.αν ψαχνεις παρομοια ενυδατωση αλλα με γρηγοροτερη απορροφηση τσεκαρε απο το feelunique την emu oil.εχει κανει και η Mata mini review και απο τοτε που την πηρα την χρησιμοποιω συνεχεια κι εχω αφησει την kiehls στο ντουλαπι.αα κι εχει 8-10ε περιπου οποτε μικρο το κακο αν δεν σε βολεψει.

    1. Thanks, μπρωτη φορα ακουω για την emu oil, μολις την ειδα στο site, exei 25 ml για 10 ευρω μονο. Ειναι πιο παχια απο την Avocado της Kiehls? Γιατι καμια φορα μου επεφτε πολυ βαρια της Κiehls, αλλα κ παλι οταν πιασει το πολυ κρυο χρειαζομαι μια τοσο δυνατη. Της Frezyderm δεν εχει καμια σχεση με balm, δεν ειναι οπως πχ η hydrating balm της Bobbi Brown που ειναι ξερεις thick σαν πραγματικο balm, ειναι μια απλη νερουλη κρεμα.

    2. οχι δεν ειναι τοσο παχια αλλα προσφερει ενα τσικ πιο κατω ενυδατωση απο την kiehls.πχ με σειρα ενυδατωσης τις εχω kiehls,emu oil και μετα ισοψηφουν bobbi brown και mac που ειναι ενυδατικες σαν κρεμα.

    3. Τελεια! Σκεφτομουν βασικα να παρω καποια στιγμη την Benefit It's a Potent!, αλλα τωρα μου εβαλες κ αυτη στο μυαλο lol

    4. διαβασε και τα reviews της ματας και της ολγας απο το leave me on the catwalk.μετα διαβασε και τα reviews sto make up alley και για τις δυο κρεμες.τη benefit τη θελω κι εγω αλλα αν δεν βρω δειγμα να τη δοκιμασω πρωτα δεν θα την παρω.

  9. polu wraio post thelw polu na dokimasw ton afro me levanta apo apivita k egw xrisimopoiw polla xronia to katharistiko tis avene k epeidi prosfata ksefortwthika tin akmi , pou me episkeftike sta 21 mou, den mou kanei pia, mou xirainei polu to derma, enw ta proigoumena xronia den eixa provlima ..