Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Empties - Products I've Used Up #3

I realised that I haven't done an empties post since May, and since my "empties" bag was really full so I thought it was about time to do one now. I don't know about you but I love reading empties posts, it's a great opportunity for the bloggers to share their complete opinion on a product. So let's start because it's going to be a long post!
Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser
I'll start first with some of the skincare products that I've been using for a long time, Avene's Cleanance gel cleanser was my one and only cleanser for many many many years, it's great for oily and acne prone skins. But recently I've stopped using it because it became too harsh for my skin, I think with age our skin changes and mine became more sensitive and dehydrated, so I stopped using it, but if your skin is oily and can handle harsher cleansers you should definitely try this one, it's the least harsh from all the ones that I've tried that are targeted for oily and acne prone skins.

La Roshe Posay Physiological Micellar Solution
This micellar water has got to be my HG one! I've tried lots of pharmacy micellar waters, Vichy, Bioderma, Avene but this one is the best for my skin. It doesn't irritate my skin like Bioderma did, doesn't leave a sticky residue like the Vichy and Avene did. But just so you know, I don't use micellar lotions to remove my eye makeup because they tend to dry out my eye area and I don't like that. In my opinion the Physiological Micellar Lotion is one of the best out there. I've already repurchase it in the huge bottle.

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
I've mentioned this eye makeup remover in the past a lot, it's one of the best  eye makeup removers that I've tried. I think it works really good, it never irritated my eyes and it's not super oily like some of the high end ones I've tried, such as Clinique. I only wish it was cheaper that's why I don't buy it that often, I always use drugstore ones in between, but once in a while I love buying a bottle of this one.

Johnson's Face Care Gentle Eye Make Up Removal Lotion
This eye makeup remover is an old favorite of mine, it's propably the best drugstore one out there. It reminds me a lot of the Clinique Take the Day Off Eye but it's not as oily. I think it's better than the L'oreal duo phase eye make up remover, and way better than the Garnier one. I think it's available only in Europe though, but if you can find it you should definitely try it.
La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water
I love using thermal water sprays, especially in the summertime and in the winter too, whenever my skin is very sensitive because of the cold. I've tried this one from La Roche Posay, it's OK but not my HG for sure. What I didn't like the most about this thermal water was how it sprayed all over my clothes but always managed to miss the main target, my face! It's not a bad one, it's just nothing too special, save your money for the next one I'm going to talk you about.

Avene Thermal Spring Water
I've tried lots of pharmacy thermal water sprays, and I'm telling you that if there's one that really worth the money it's this one from Avene. It does exactly what it says, it soothes the skin and it's anti-irritating, it even helped me whenever I had sunburns. And it's the only one that calms my skin whenever it's itchy from the cold. 

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
I've used this product a lot when my skin was more oily and not dehydrated, it's a light moisturizer for oily skins, that's all, but if you want it just for that it's perfect. If you want to know more about it, I've done a review post about it here.

Nivea Soft Cream
I've already talked about this cream, my mother and I used this cream so much last summer, that we've gone through two tubes of this one, actually one of them was the big one but I threw it away so I'm now showing you only the small one. If you like a lightweight but mosturizing body cream that doesn't feel like pure silicone on your body then this is the one for you. I hate when lightweight body moisturizers have that silicone feeling, I just can't stand it. I also used it on my face once because it was very dry from the sun, and it really helped. I will forever repurchase a tube of this one for sure!
Dove Go Fresh Shower Gel with Blue Fig and Orange Blossom
I never thought that I would show you a shower gel, because mostof the ones that I'm using they're kind of meh, nothing to special to talk about. But I changed my mind when I used up this one from Dove, I have to tell you how awesome it is, mostly about the scent. It has such a summerish scent and I can't really describe exactly what it smells like but to me it's summer, and beach and sun and........I don't know why, but it has to be the blue fig Please smell it next time you'll be in the drugstore or the supermarket, you will love it!

Sunsilk Conditioner for Straight Hair
Sunsilk is one of my HG hair drugstore companies, especially when it comes to conditioners and leave in creams, it never dissapointed me and this conditioner is not an exception. It really does smooth my hair and it makes the straightening process way easier. I really want to try all of their conditioners, from all of their lines and decide which one I like the most, but I've only tried this one and the one for curly hair and loved them both!

L'oreal Total Repair 5 Conditioner
This is also a conditioner that I really love, I think it's a high quality drugstore hair conditioner that really helps my hair feels stronger and healthier, I've already repurchased it. Next time I want to buy the hair mask too because I've heard really good reviews about it.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Hair Mask
Herbal Essences is the only brand I use for shampoos because they don't irritate my scalp, I've tried so so many products from this brand and I've come to the conclusion that I absolutely love their shampoos, I absolutely hate their conditioner and I love love love their hair masks. The Hello Hydration hair mask smells divine, like coconuts and summer! The best part is that it actually hydrates my hair, I don't really love hair masks, I rarely use them but if I find a good one I stick with it, and that's the case with this one! I'll definitely repurchase it in the future!
 Apivita Creamy Face & Eye Foam Cleanser with Olive and Lavender
I mentioned that I stopped using the Avene Cleanance gel cleanser because it was very harsh on my skin, so I replaced it with this one from Apivita, and I haven't regret it. It's an amazing cleanser, it has a creamy and not a gel texture, it's perfect for conbination skintypes! This is the mini bottle that I recently used up and I have repurchased it in the full size already.

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment
I have had this for way too long, I used to like it when I first bought but then I was kind of meh about it, I realised that it didn't control the frizzyness on my hair at all, I had flyaway hairs everywhere. If I had to compare it with other high end hair oils I have to say that Moroccanoil is way better, but I have to say that  prefer the Macadamia's scent, it's more tropical.

Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation 
I've talked about this powder in my blog many times, it's one of the best powder foundations in the market, it leaves a silky finish on my skin, never looked powdery which is the main problem with powder foundations in general. The only problem is the price, it's way to expensive for the amount of product you get, it's 36 euros for only 7 grams!
Garnier Anti-dark Circles Roll-on
I didn't had the chance to finish this product because after one an a half year it went bad so I had to stopped using it. When I first got it I hated, it did nothing for my concealing my under eye circles, after a few months I decided to give it a second chance, I liked the refreshing and cooling sensation it gave under my eyes, but that was it, I still didn't like it because in terms of concealing any darkness , it was awful. Overall no, I didn't like this product and I would never buy it again.

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara
This is one of Maybelline's most famous and beloved mascaras, I liked the volumizing look it gave to my lashes but I hated the formula, it's too heavy for my eyes. You can read all about it in my review here.

L'oreal Volume Million ashes Excess
With this mascara I have the exact opposite opinion of the one that I have for the Rocket, even though I absolutely adored the formula and the texture of this mascara the results were mediocre. I've done a blog post about it here.

So those were all the empties that I gathered for the past 5 months, I really hope my next one won't be that long, and I'll do one much sooner! Let me know if you've tried any of these products, I really wanna know your opinions about them.


  1. Πάρα πάρα πολύ ενδιαφέροντα empties, σίγουρα θα δοκιμάσω πολλά απ'αυτά, ειδικά τον καθαρισμό της Apivita και την Hello Flawless.

  2. Και δικα μου αγαπημενα τα περισσοτερα προιοντα! Ηθελα να σε ρωτησω αν ξερεις, το micellaire της la roche posay απο τη σειρα effaclar (για λιπαρες επιδερμιδες) κανει την ιδια δουλεια με το Physiological??

    1. Δυστηχως δεν εχω δοκιμασει το Effaclar για να σου πω, αλλα εχω ακουσει οτι ειναι το ιδιο απλα ειναι καλυτερο για λιπαρες επιδερμιδες, αλλα κ το Physiological ειναι τελειο για λιπαρες επιδερμιδες γιατι δεν σου αφηνει το δερμα ουτε λιπαρο κ κολλωδες, ενω της Vichy κ της Avene το κανουν αυτο.

  3. παρα πολυ ωραια ολα!εχω δοκιμασει τα περισσοτερα απο αυτα και συμφωνω μαζι σου,εκτος ισως απο τη rocket που με βολεψε :)) φιλια!

  4. Πόσο αναλυτικό και καλογραμμένο review!
    Έμαθα πολλά για προϊόντα που δεν έχω χρησιμοποιήσει! thanx!

    1. Ωωω σ'ευχαριστω πολυ πολυ!!!

  5. Υπέροχο το καθαριστικό από Avene!Το έπαιρνα παλιότερα..αλλά τώρα έχω νέο αγαπημένο εδώ και 2 χρόνια!!
    Το αφρόλουτρο Dove όντως πολύ καλό...δροσερό!Και τέλος,μ'αρέσει πολύυυυ η κρέμα nivea.Η αδερφή μου την φοράει και στο πρόσωπο!!

  6. Τη the rocket την αγαπώ, αλλά στην αρχή ήταν αρκετά υγρή! Μετά από κανένα μήνα περίπου μου άρεσε πολύ περισσότερο η σύστασή της! :) Η μάσκα από Herbal Essences μυρίζει όντως θεϊκά, την είχα παλιότερα!

  7. Oh, well done, you used up so much!!!

    I'll agree with the Elvive conditioner (my mum uses this one), in fact I too believe that the whole Elvive range is comparable to higher-end stuff, like you said! This one and the pink one, with pearl proteins are my favorites! ;)

    And, finally, someone else that doesn't swear by the Macadamia oil... I honestly think all of these oils are way too hyped-up...!

    1. Thank you! I found out that drugstore hair oils can be as good, if not better, than the high end ones, even though i always like to try new ones all the time.