Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November Favorites.

 I still can't believe November is over , I can't even get into a Christmas mood, mainly because of the weather! This is my last favorites post for this year, since I'm not going to do one for December, instead I'm going to write a post about my 2012 favorites.

But for now let's get into my November favorites!

Vera Wang Princess Perfume
I got this perfume in July but I start using it within October. I adore this perfume, it's so me! I know this is not a proper description of the perfume, but it's so hard for me to find just the right one that it's not too heavy and at the same time not too light, this one is something in between, more on the light side but still it's not unnoticeable. I'm not good at describing scents but this one is something between a floral and a fruity one. It's the perfect everyday scent in my opinion!

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Lotion
This scent to me screams Christmas! I remember when I was a little girl going into a Body Shop store and smelling all these gorgeous Christmas fragrance and body sets they had, the Vanilla ones have always been my favorites. It has such a warm vanilla scent, not sickening at all, with a moisturizing texture, not too heavy like the body butters. I'm not so sure if they discontinued it because I haven't been in a Body Shop store for a few months, but they don't have it in their website and that makes me very sad!

Mac Ladyblush Cremeblend Blush
This is the only cream blush I own, I used to love cream blushes when  was younger but not anymore. I got Ladyblush last year and I barely used it, but now I started applying with a brush instead of fingers, Sephora's Mineral Powder brush, and I saw a huge difference, it looks way better and the blending job is much more easy with the brush. I loved it so much that the whole month I only used this blush!

Revlon Peach Parfait Lip Butter
I just start using the two Lip Butters I got a few months ago, and I'm really impressed. Peach Parfait is a soft peachy pink with some glitter particles, which are not gritty at all. The texture is very smooth and glossy, Peach Parfait is more glossy than the Berry Smoothie though. For their price they're excellent, but they still can't beat my beloved Dior Addict lipsticks!

Mac Patisserie lipstick
Patisserie is my favorite from all the Mac lipsticks I've tried and I've tried lots of them. The perfect winter nude for me, although it's not the typical nude, because it's a tone darker and it has more brown undertones. I can't stand most of the nude lipsticks, they wash me out and make me look like I'm sick.

Seventeen Super Smooth Waterproof Pencil 06 Pearly Bark
The best and I mean the best matte dark brown eye pencil I've tried so far, and Seventeen had to discontinued it! I love the Seventeen Super Smooth eye pencils, they're so easy to apply and they stay forever! I recently found out that Seventeen makes the exact same shade in a retractable pencil, it's called Twist Eyeliner, I'm going to buy one in the future for sure!

Erre Due Silky Lip Pencil 61
This is a very smooth and creamy lip pencil, that's what I love in a lip pencil because I have sensitive lips and I hate harsh lip pencils. The shade is a light brownish orangy nude, I pair it with beige-pink and darker nude lipsticks. This is my go to winter lip liner.

I didn't have many beauty favorites this month, because pretty much I was using the same stuff that I used the previous two months. 

 Non Beauty Favorites
Oh yes, this poster is definitely an eye candy for the ladies! But besides the poster, Arrow is propably my favorite new TV show for this year. The show is about the origin story of Green Arrow, for those who used to watch Smallville they propably already  know this character. I'm watching more new TV shows, and I like some of them but for now Arrow is my favorite.

I've been listening to Taylor Swift's Red album every single day the past month, and it's really strange for me since I was never into Taylor Swift's songs before, I'm not a teenager I'm in my late 20s. The songs I like the most are, I Knew You Were Trouble, I Almost Do, Starlight, We Are Never  Ever Getting Back Together and the one I love the most is 22, I can't stop listening to this song!

Scent of the month, and propably for the whole month of December, is Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie. It's such a delicious vanilla and sugary scent, perfect for Christmas!

Well that's all for my November favorites, I hope you liked them.
Let me know what are your beauty and non beauty favorites!



  1. Poso apolamvano kathe fora ta agapimena sou ^_^

    1. Awww s'euxaristw! Poso xairomai pou sou aresoun!

  2. Great picks hun. I love the Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait.

  3. I absolutely love your favourites! Can't wait to see the 2012 ones :)

  4. christmas cookie <3 <3 αγαπωωωω μυριζει υπεροχα!
    ολα ειναι πολυ ομορφα ειδικα η βανιλια του ΤΒS και το ρουζ MAC


  5. γι αλλη μια φορά σούπερ το ποστ! μονο που μου βάζεις κακές ιδέες χαχαχαχα

  6. Όλα είναι τέλεια!! Yankee candle <3
    revlon απο που έχεις πάρει?

  7. Poly omorfo post alla emena mou emeine to Arrow...Kai skeftomoun na arxiso na to vlepo!! Nomizo me epeises! :)

    1. Awww nai, to poster k mono ftanei gia na se peisei LOL!

  8. I'm also very sad for the vanilla body lotion!!I want it back lol!
    and you are tagged honey!


  9. Όλα είναι φοβερά!!! Πολύ ωραίο post!!!

  10. Ωραίο post και ωραίο poster ;)