Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Collective Haul (Mac, Sedona Lace, Clinique, Benefit, Trilogy)

  Only one day before Christmas I decided to show you all the stuff that I've been hauling the past month, I know I've waited too long to do this haul post, but I bought some of them online on Black Friday and you know how it is with international shipping on holiday season, it's always late! So let's start!
 On Black Friday I ordered a few brushes from Sedona Lace because they had 50% off on all their products. At first I wanted to get only one Sigmax brush from Sigma on Black Friday with their free shipping deal, the F88 Flat Agnled Kabuki brush, but instead I decided to take advantage of the Sedona Lace deal and get the 520 brush which is identical to the Sigma F88 and buy a few more brushes too since they're cheaper. I noticed that Sedonca Lace has really good deals quite often, maybe even monthl,y so it's worth checking them out if you want brushes similar to the Sigma's Sigmax brushes.
Since I absolutely love synthetic flat kabuki brushes to apply my liquid foundations, I got two of them, an angled one, the 520 Synthetic Angled Flat Top , and a regular flat top one the 928 Synthetic Flat Top. I haven't try any of the brushes that I've got yet, but they feel much softer than the Sigma F80 brush, maybe just a little less dense but I have to try them first to be 100% sure.
I also got a small angled flat top brush to apply concealer for under my eyes, the 618 Synthetic Small Angled Flat, and I'm very excited to try this one because I use the Sigma F80  quite a few times to apply concealer under my eyes but it's a little too big for that and I prefer the angled shape since it's easier for under the eyes.And one last thing I got from Sedona Lace is an angled liner brush, the 561 Synthetic Small Angled Brush, because I use my Mac 208 a lot to apply eyeshadow as liner and since it's the only one that I own I needed a second one, and I like the fact that this one is synthetic because I have very sensitive eyes and sometimes the Mac 208 irritates my eyes. Also that day there was deal you'd get a free Liquid Eye Pen if you were one of the first 4000 orders, if I remeber correctly, and since I was one of the first ones I got one for free. This liquid eyeliner is identical to Maybelline's Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, I haven't try it yet but the pen, the shape of it and everything is a dupe of the Maybelline one.
 A little while ago I did a small Mac purchase because I needed a few staple products, such as my beloved Lingering Eye Brow pencil. It's the perfect eye brow pencil for me, it doesn't have any red undertones which I hate, and at the same time it's not super ashy. Also I love the waxy texture, it keeps my brows in place and it's super easy to use. I also got a mini Oil Control Lotion just to try it out as a mattifying primer, I'm still not sure if I like this product or not, because it does help with the very oily parts of my face such as nose and chin but I don't really like its texture, it's very slicky. Maybe it's just because I'm not used to that type of product, maybe I will use it more in the warmer months. I also did B2M for the All That Glitters eyeshadow, and I'm conpletely in love with this eyeshadow! I still don't understand why I've never bought that shade before, it's a beautiful shimmery peachy champagne shade, I love wearing it all over my lids with a little bit of Mac's Cork in the crease and a brown liner, I've been doing this eye look a lot the past month.
My skin has been a little dry lately and for a really long time I wanted to try the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm because I read really good reviews about it. So far I've only tried it three times, and I have mixed feelings about it. I love the buttery and soft texture, I really like how it massages and melts into the skin, I remove it with a hot flannel and it does a great job at removing all of my face make up but I don't really like the tight feeling it leaves on my face afterwards. I just use the hot flannel, I don't double cleanse afterwards so I expected to leave my skin softer than my foaming cleanser does but it's not, and that's why I'm not so sure if I like it or not, but I will keep using it and see how it goes.

Also since the eye cream I was using so far, the Frezyderm Eye Balm did absolutely nothing to moisturize my undereye area, I got a new one, the Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream. When I first used it, I wasn't so sure if it's moisturizing or not, I had to wait 2 days to actually see a difference on my undereye area! It makes the skin feel so smooth and velvet, and the concealer applies on top amazingly well, it's like the perfect eye cream to use under a concealer. Of course it's not as moisturizing as the Kiehl's Avocado Eye cream but I had my problems with the Kiehl's cream, it was way to heavy and sticky and you had to wait like half an hour in order to apply concealer on top. I think It's Potent is a great moisturizing eye cream, perfect for everyday use. I can't tell you if it does anything for brightening the under eye circles because mine are very intense and I have them since birth but maybe some of you will see a difference, personally I haven't found an eye cream that does anything for the dark undereye circles.

And lastly I got one more thing on Black Friday, the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil from Feelunique, because I heard and read amazing reviews from youtubers and beauty bloggers. I haven't tried it yet but I'm very excited to do it, because I have a few dark spots and scars from previous break outs and Rosehip Oil is supposed to do an amazing job for those.

So that was everything that I hauled the past month, I want to know if you've tried any of them and what's you opinion about them. I want to wish to every single one of you Merry Christmas and have an amazing day tommorow with your family and friends.


  1. I am so jealous, all of these products look amazing - such a good haul!!

    Merry Christmas for tomorrow and best wishes to you for the new year! <3

    Don't forget to check out my Real Techniques Core Collection Giveaway x

  2. Μεγειάααααα σου!!!!!!
    Την κρεμούλα για τα μάτια θέλω κι εγώ να την δοκιμάσω!!!!
    Η σκιά μ'αρέσει πολύ σαν χρώμα,αλλά δυστυχώς όχι σαν σύσταση!
    Καλές γιορτές!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh the Trilogy oil sounds so nice. Have a merry Christmas :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  4. περιμένω τα reviews σου για το cleansing balm, eye cream, oil όπωσδήποτε! Τα έχω βάλει κ γω στο μάτι!

  5. Τα πινέλα φαίνονται φανταστικά!!! Να τα χαρείς όλα!
    Καλές γιορτές κορίτσι!!!

  6. Με γεια! Τα πινέλα μοιάζουν πολύ καλά και το χρώμα της σκιάς φοβερό!
    Καλά Χριστούγεννα! :)

  7. Με γεια σου!!! Τα πινέλα είναι Υ-Π-Ε-Ρ-Ο-Χ-Α!!! Φαίνονται γερά, ενώ έχουν και τέλειο χρώμα! Σου εύχομαι καλές γιορτές!! Με υγεία, χαρά και αγάπη!! :)

  8. Kαλα Χριστουγεννα! με ποσες αδειες συσκευασιες κανεις back2mac πλεον? και επιλεγεις κραγιον ή σκια ή εχει αλλαξει και αυτο?

    1. Με 6 συσκευασιες οπως παντα, απλα τωρα δινουν σκια αντι για κραγιον που εδιναν παλιοτερα.

  9. Τι ωραία πινέλα! Έχω δοκιμάσει Rosehip Oil (απο άλλη μάρκα) και μου άρεσε το αποτέλεσμα, έκανε το δέρμα μου φωτεινό και μαλακό χωρίς να το κάνει λιπαρό.

  10. πολύ ωραία όλα αλλά πιο πολύ μου άρεσε η σκιά!είναι φοβερή απόχρωση!!!


  11. Με γεια σου!!! Τα πινελάκια κάτι μου έκαναν... :P

  12. ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ-ΑΚΟΛΟΥΘΕΙ ΣΧΟΛΙΟ ΣΙΔΗΡΟΔΡΟΜΟΣ:ααα ολα κι ενα!λοιπον για την atg δοκιμασε τη πανω απο τη rose gold απο τη maybelline αν την εχεις και με τη sketch στο crease..αλλαζει αρκετα και αγαπω το αποτελεσμα.επισης το μολυβι στο δεχονται για b2m?σοβαρα μονο μιση ωρα για την avocado?εμενα πολυ περισσοτερο ρε γμτ και τη χρησιμοποιω μονο βραδυ πλεον και για το πρωι βαζω το primer ματιων της mac.θελω review για το clinique γτ με αγχωσες που λες οτι "τραβαει" και για τα πινελα γτ το δικο μου f80 μαδαει σαν τρελο!φιλιααα

    1. Τις 2 αυτες σκιες δεν τις εχω αλλα για πες μου πανω απο την rose gold τι αποχρωση παιρνει? Η It's A Potent ειναι τελεια για κατω απο concealer αν εχεις ξηροτητα, δεν ειναι καθολου λιπαρη. Με το balm τωρα εχω καποια προβληματα γιατι προσεξα οτι αν δεν το ξεπλυνω μου φραζει τους πορους μετα απο καποιες μερες οποτε το ξεπλενς με τον κρεμωδη αφρο της Apivita κ να σου πω την αληθεια το δερμα μου ειναι καλυτερο αν το ξεπλυνω μετα, γιατι ο αφρος μου αφηνει το δερμα πιο ενυδατωμενο απ'οτι το balm απο μονο του.

    2. τονιζεται ακομα περισσοτερο το χρωμα της και με τη μωβ στην ακρη γινεται τελειο μακιγιαζ ματιων.δεν μπορω να στο περιγραψω καπως αλλιως,παντως οσες φορες το εχω κανει εχω παρει πολυ κολακευτικα σχολια.χμμ εμενα και η apivita μου αφηνει τραβηγμα καποιες φορες.οποτε μαλλον δεν ειναι για μενα.μαλιστα θα προσπαθησω να βρω δειγμα της κρεμας παντως προς το παρον χρησιμοποιω την emu oil καποιες φορες το πρωι και ειναι πολυ καλη.