Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"What's In My Shower" Tag.

So about a month ago I was tagged by the lovely Vicky from the blog  Beauty & the Food Beast to do the "What's In My Shower" tag but I completely forgot about it, so I'm doing it now, even though I'm propably the last person doing it but I think that's ok. I decided to show you only the products that I use while I'm in the shower, and not any body creams or lotions. Since the corner of my shower it's not a particular beautiful spot to show to you guys, I put them all in a basket just to look more presentable.
I'll start off with the shampoos that I'm using right now. I love the Herbal Essences shampoos, I must have tried all of them but I always prefer the creamy over the clear ones because they're more hydrating. Right now I'm using the Seductively Straight one, it's pretty good nothing too special but it's OK. And every 3 weeks or once a month I use the Redken Hair Cleansing Cream shampoo, which is a clarifying shampoo, it gets rid off all the build up that I may have on my hair from styling products, hair oils etc. It does a great job but beware it is a strong shampoo that's why I always deep conditioning my hair after that, it also has a pleasant fresh/citrus scent which I love.
The conditioners that I use right now and I love them both very much are the Aussie Miracle Moist and the L'oreal Total Elvive Repair 5. The Aussie Miracle Moist is a great lightweight but very moisturizing conditioner, my bottle is almost empty but I repurchased it about a week ago, it is quite expensive in Greece but I always look out for deals and coupons. The L'oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 is an oldie but goodie, it's my favourite drugstore hair conditioner for a long time, it's actually one of the most high quality conditioners you will find at the drugstore.

Two shower gels that I love using besides soaps, which I also like but I didn't have any to show to you right now, are the Dove Go Fresh with Blue Fig and Orange Blossom, and the Soap & Glory Clean Girls body wash. The Dove Go Fresh has a very summerish scent perfect for a moring shower. The Soap & Glory Clean Girls body wash unfortunately is not sold in Greece, I got it while I was in the UK but if you can get it in your hands or any of the Soap & Glory body washes  in general just grab one, they are very moisturizing, this particular one has a very unique flowery and manly scent. And I love the pump, I wish all shower gels would come with a pump, they're so handy!
As for the scrubs that I'm using I have to say that I like to exfoliate my face only while I'm in the shower, I don't know why, don't ask me. Even though I'm a hardcore fan of the Korres Pomegranate face scrub I grabbed this St.Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub while I was in the UK just to try it out, and also because it's a very popular face scrub and I cannot get it in Greece. I can't say that I love it as much as I love the Korres one but it they're very similar in texture, the only problem that I have with the St.Ives one is that it has a strong smell of alcohol which I don't particularly like. When it comes to exfoliate my body I'm such a lazy person, I always forget to do it. Right now I'm using the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub which I also got in the UK, and I have to say that it smells exactly like brown sugar! The texture is kind of weird though, it's very hard, not creamy at all and I'm used to more creamy body scrubs like the ones from The Body Shop which I love. This one you have to really work it between your hands to warm it up so you can apply it on your skin, otherwise it will just fall into your bathtub, even then it will still crumble and make a bit of a mess in your shower.

So that was everything, all the products that I use while I'm in the shower, ok maybe not everything, I didn't include razors and soap for the intimate area, because to be honest they are not that intresting. I like to change the products that I'm using in the shower quite often, but these are the ones that I'm using this period, I hope you liked them.
Let me know if you're using any of them or if you've tried them in the past and if you like them or not. Even better let me know what are the products that you're using while you're in the shower, and for any of you that you haven't been tagged to do this post, I tag you all!


  1. I like this Dove Go Fresh shower gel but I prefer the pomegranate scented one, it's even better!!

  2. αυτό το dove πρέπει να το έχουμε όλες τελικά!

  3. I want to try out the Dove shower gel, why is everyone saying they tried it and I haven't??? Ughhh I feel so left out :( Great stuff you have in your shower, however I would never do this tag, I'm embarrassed of the overload I have in my bathroom...

    1. LOL, you have to try it because I'm not a fan of Dove shower gels but I really love this one! Oh no do the tag, please!

  4. Οσα Herbal essences εχω δοκιμάσει,δυστυχώς δεν μου έχουν κάτσει!!
    Το αφρόλουτρο Dove το χρησιμοποιούσα το καλοκαίρι και μου άρεσε πολύ!

  5. Τα συγκεκριμένα S&G πρέπει να τα δοκιμάσω!!! Πολύ ενδιαφέροντα όλα!

  6. τελικά όλοι έχουν κι από ένα προϊόν της Dove!χαχαχα

  7. I love the Soap and Glory brand. I don't have too many stuff by them though.
    Bright and Shiny